The 9th International Conference for Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness (MCG) 2015

Sinaia, Romania

June 25, 2015 – June 28, 2015

The 9th INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE MATHEMATICAL CREATIVITY AND GIFTEDNESS (MCG) will be held in Romania - Sinaia, during June 25 - 28, 2015.

The MCG conference is the official conference of the International Group for
Mathematical Creativity and Giftedness, an affiliate group of the International Commission on Mathematical Instruction (, and is aimed at promoting mathematical creativity and giftedness in students of all ages and backgrounds, and in supporting interested mathematics educators, mathematicians, researchers and other individuals.

The suggested topics will allow presentation of thorough research, fruitful debate and opportunities for interaction among professionals with interdisciplinary interests. This conference is an unparalleled opportunity. Attendees will not only hear outstanding presentations, panel discussions, and research reports, but also take part in thought-provoking symposia, engage in active workshops with a wide variety of original investigations and challenging problems, enjoy team problem solving competitions, and have ample time to talk personally with some of the most outstanding experts in the field from around the world. Experts from: Singapore, Japan, Korea, Israel, Russia, Canada, Saudi Arabia, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Lithuania, Romania, South Africa and the United States already announced their intention to participate. The Keynote speakers are: Viktor Freiman, University of Moncton, Canada; Gabriele Kaiser, University of Hamburg, Germany; Bharath Sriraman, The University of Montana, USA; and Rina Zazkis, Simon Fraser University, Canada.

Conference Information